About Us

Our History

Founded in 2015 by David Bei, our mission has been to build developments that create positive impact on Auckland's property landscape. To support our growth and venture into more diverse and ambitious projects, we strategically diversified our portfolio with commercial property investments. As our company evolves, we are committed to actively contributing to the futureof Auckland's urban living.

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With a growing population necessitating densification, we tackle this challenge with thoughtful consideration and creativity. Our approach involves designing solutions that enhance lifestyles, are naturally embedded in communities, and ensure long-lasting value. At the heart of our mission is the vision of building thriving and successful communities. This is how we bring that vision to life.

122 - 130 Cosgrave Rd

diverse solutions

Our capabilities enable us to respond swiftly and effectively to Auckland's evolving housing needs. We craft solutions that span various property types and at different scales, all tailored to the unique demands of local and contemporary lifestyles.

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    Secure Capital Foundation

    Unlike some developers who heavily rely on bank funding to bring their projects to life, we maintain a strong financial foundation through investments in several commercial property assets. This financial stability gives us the confidence to see a wide array of projects through from inception to completion. 

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    Each development undergoes meticulous planning and design, thoroughly aligned with market demands.

Investing in Partnerships

We view all relationships as valuable partnerships, whether we’re collaborating with project partners or working with purchasers and community stakeholders. We understand that trust is pivotal in off-plan projects, and we work diligently to earn and maintain that trust through open and transparent communication.

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    Client Relationship Management

    We integrate client relationship management into our workflow, ensuring timely and transparent communication throughout a project’s lifecycle, even after completion.

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    Early Engagement

    We initiate early engagement with communities and stakeholders to gather feedback and facilitate optimal outcomes for all parties involved.

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    Foster Strong Relationships

    We cultivate strong relationships within our project teams.

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    Driving Innovation Through Culture

    We foster a collaborative culture that welcomes diverse perspectives, recognising their pivotal role in driving innovation.

Focusing Locally

We harness our in-depth local knowledge to build solutions that elevate Auckland’s communities.

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    Our Track Record

    This commitment is evidenced by the results of our completed projects.

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    Our Team’s Experience

    We achieve this by having team members who bring valuable individual and local expertise in various aspects of property. 

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    Engaging Local Experts

    By collaborating with local project partners.

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    Strategic Locations

    By developing in strategic locations that show growth potential or have well-established infrastructure and amenity.

We don’t compromise on quality

We uphold a commitment to premium quality in design and construction, regardless of the type of home and who’s buying it. This ensures properties hold their value and stand the test of time.